Saturday, July 22, 2017


Here’s this week’s prompt from the Haiku Horizon site which is “DARK” and here are my three Haiku response endeavors:  

Darkest silent came

Scary shadows seen on wall

Stuffed bear keeps me safe

Woman walks dark lane

Eyes on alert keeps her safe

With help of guard dog

Love dark chocolate

Good for heart not for my shape

Must go on diet

Friday, July 21, 2017


I read this book on my computer via a copy one of my dear neighbors had loaned me, and the following is my honest opinion.

Granted, while this endeavor by the author, Jenny Jaeckel, is in a comic book format, it does a decent job depicting the reality and the anguish by the parents, especially the mother, of seeing their newborn child lying helpless in an incubator in a NICU ward, it doesn’t come close to the real thing.

Having worked in city hospital for over 33 years in a non-medical capacity I had the opportunity of seeing NICU babies up close and personal. You can’t imagine what it’s like looking at these infants first hand, some so small you could hold in the palms of both of your hands. There they lie with their still pink helpless               bodies, in their incubators, with monitors and tiny IV tubes with tiny needles taped to their bodies. The incubators have two holes on each side through which gloved nurses gingerly manipulate these pre-mature infants.

You can’t imagine the mothers sitting on chairs looking at the wonder they’ve given birth to. It’s a marvelous sight looking at these NICU babies has they win their battle of facing the numerous medical complications associated with being born pre-mature. You can’t imagine the emotional sight of seeing the mother being able to hold her infant in her arms for the time after several weeks, unless you’ve witnessed it yourself.

While having one child in a NICU is emotionally draining, just imagine what it’s like when the mother had given birth to multiple pre-mature infants, with each one developing at different rates. A mother might have one child at home, and the other(s) still in the NICU.

For having given her readers this insightful story, how can you not give it 5 STARS.


Tuesday, July 18, 2017


I read this collection of stories written by four wonderful authors of romance via an Amazon-US KINDLE Unlimited download.

Come on now what woman hasn’t yearned for the day that she finds herself walking down the aisle towards the altar all dressed in white to have her HEA come true with the man she adores. However, there are two groups of women for which this day is actually one of nothing less than a day of frustration; frustration of not being the bride who’s getting married.

The first group is one some of you have been part of, that of being a bridesmaid. Being part of this group, you might feel resentful and frustrated in seeing one friend after another getting married with you once again being a bridesmaid.

The second group consists of wedding planners, those wonderful individuals who work side by side with the bride making sure all the wedding details deliver a dream wedding, dress shop owners making sure each bride had her dream bridal gown, and photographers making sure all the marvelous details of the event are meticulously recorded for posterity.

It doesn’t help the situation any when someone from their past shows up and puts a damper on what’s transpiring; the groom who happens to be the planner’s ex, a former lover wanting to buy the bridal shop from the owner and threatening to steal her heart again, a wedding planner’s is helping her beloved grandmother get married with a second chance at love has to avoid her former lover and now the small town’s doctor and her own second chance romance; and then there’s the wedding planner’s brother who insists their friend lend his expertise to the wedding plans, and who’ve guess it – a former ex as well.

Wedding planning while having an ex-lover floating around can make for a dreadful situation. Imagine helping someone make their HEA come true, and at the same time thinking of what might have been had their own HEA not fallen apart. The female protagonists in these stories are just waiting for a second chance for romance to occur, but only if all the participants are willing to put aside their past experiences of having lost a love and the reasons related to them.

So, if you’re into second chance romances, then this collection is for you; and why I’ve given it 5 STARS.

Monday, July 17, 2017


With my usual voracious desire to read/review books, and with my cutting back on the original goal I’d made for myself for this year’s GoodReads Reading Challenge from 200 books to 150, I felt the need to switch gears to make a concerted effort to concentrate on my reading/reviewing of books. The end result of doing this is that according to GoodReads I’m 5 books ahead of schedule with a total of 86 reviews being written. For those of you who don’t know me, I post all of my reviews on: GoodReads, LibraryThing, Amazon-UK and of course Amazon-US where I’ve got 550 years posted so far. So, if anyone is looking for a book to read or to give as a gift you’re welcomed to check all my reviews out at:

Starting this afternoon, my main push going forwards will be completing the second-go-around for the line edits I’d have received for the manuscript of what had been my debut romance, a MG/YA Paranormal entitled “I Kissed a Ghost.” I hope to complete this process by Wednesday, which will be followed by my quickly updating the copyright and other introductory pages. This will allow me to submit the now completed re-edited manuscript to CreateSpace with my instructions regarding setting up the interior pages of the book.

It’s easy to image how anxious I’m getting to see this process completed, so I can get back to work on my other writing endeavors, including that of my steamier, erotic side.

Friday, July 14, 2017


I read this book via an Amazon-US KINDLE Unlimited download.

How many of you reading this love to read romances? How many of you are into reading those which happen to fall under the sub-genre of military romances? How many love fantasizing about being in the shoes of the female protagonists in these stories, longing to be in the arms of the man in uniform in these stories and the HEA you’ve always desired to have with a guy who’s considered to be a hero in another person’s eyes other than your own.

While these stories are wonderful to read, there’s a reality which is seldom, or better yet, never gone into. In this book Jen McDonald takes you from the realm of romance books and fiction into the real world; the real world of which she’s a part of for over 25 years.

The blunt reality is not like in a romance novel where you’re marrying the guy you love, you’re also marrying all his comrades in the service he’s enlisted in along with a new way of life you probably didn’t foresee or had imagined.  

You’ve probably just wanted to settle down, own a home and raise a family; but once you’ve become a military family you go where they want you to go and when they want you to go. And even though you might remain stationary in one place, your dear other half might be deployed to G-d where with the dreadful possibility he might never return alive.

Ms. McDonald in her book has aptly described how she’s managed to sustain herself and her family through the years she’s been an obedient military spouse. With the addition of biblical quotations and her own triumphs, the author tries to elicit her readers to remind themselves that military spouses are not alone in their journeys.

While this book’s target audience seems to be military spouses, this book proves to be quite beneficial to all those who have friend that have a military spouse. This book is not only beneficial to any woman who has a military husband, it also should prove to be beneficial to any guy who has a military wife.

Given the extremely worthwhile intention of this book, how can I not give it or its author 5 STARS.


Wednesday, July 12, 2017


For those of you who don’t know that beside romance I loved to write Flash Fiction, and that my second book is a collection of 100 flash fictions written around a prompt world; with most them consisting of only 5 sentences.

I’ve just found a website which each week gives its readers a prompt word along with a picture to which they’re challenged to use these prompts to write a flash fiction of less than 250 words. This week’s prompt has been “WAITING” and this is my response.

(c) K. S. Brooks


W  endy sits at an outside table,

A   waiting the arrival of her date.

IT  ’s not like she’s been stood up before,

I    t’s just he’d always call if he would be delayed.

N   ow it’s been two hours and not a word from him.

G   rowing impatient Wendy calls him, only to find out 
     her date is for tomorrow and not today. Mistakes are
     these are getting for more frequent for her, probably      
     due to the beginning stages of the Alzheimer she’s
     suffering with. Given this she must be forgiven,
     because to err is human, to forgive divine.

Notice the prompt of WAITING has formed an acrostic for this endeavor.
The above flash fiction is part of the weekly Indies Unlimited Flash Fiction Challenge and I would appreciate getting your vote for it. - THANKS !!!

Sunday, July 9, 2017


It's been a quite a while since I've posted one of my book reviews, so going forwards I'll be posting them on a more regular basis. In addition, I'll be going through all the reviews I've done on Amazon, GoodReads and LibraryThing since my last posting on this blog and will be posting what I feel are one of my better review.

Okay are you happily married with a HEA relationship which you’ve always wanted to have? Can you recall the day your man got down on one knee to ask you to marry him? Where were the two of you when he’d asked you this question and how did he go about asking you? While some guys do it in a traditional manner, others want to make sure it would be quite memorable.

It doesn’t actually matter how you had been asked, each of the six contemporary romances will have you reexperience one of the most important days in your life; aside from getting married or giving birth to your first child. Stepping into the shoes of each of the female protagonists in these stories, you’ll be able to fantasize about being asked by the male protagonists for your hand in marriage in his own imaginable, forgettable  manner. I for one did fantasize about being in their shoes.

As I read this book I couldn’t help but recall listening to “Will You Marry Me” by Alabama; which got released around my birthday in 2001, which gives the guy’s POV for the premise of each of the stories in this collection.


I come here today, I'm kind of nervous

You know how words get in my way

It should come easy, I've been rehearsing

I don't know why I'm so afraid, to say


Will you marry me

Put our love and life together

Will you stay with me

For always and forever

On bended knee, would you take this ring

Will you marry me, please

Will you marry me

To be with you is what I live for

But at this moment I confess

Though I love you, God knows I love you

Deep down inside I'm scared to death, say yes


On bended knee

On bended knee

Would you take this ring

I will take your ring

Will you marry me, please

Will you marry me

For giving its readers an opportunity to relive one of the most important days of their lives, how can I not give these authors 5 STARS.


Here’s this week’s prompt from the Haiku Horizon site which is “WALL” and here are my three Haiku response endeavors:  

Wall is barrier

Separating me and you

And all we can be

The wall is canvas

On which a mural I paint

See distant places

Bang nails into wall

Art gallery you can make

Just need the paintings

Please leave feedback - THANKS

Monday, July 3, 2017


I’ve finished my first round of reviewing the edits for “I Kissed a Ghost” as well as the line edit suggestions which had been made by the editor this past Wednesday. With my concentrating on handling this as well as promoting my steamier, erotic side I had no real time to devote to the reading/reviewing of any books. This had caused me to fall behind with my original goal of 200 books for the 2017 GoodReads Reading Challenge, which has resulted in my lowering my goal to 150 books.

On June 28th I received a surprise email from Amazon informing me I’ve been awarded an Enthusiast Badge for my reviews for True Crime novels.  Enthusiasts are customers who frequently share engaging and high-quality content on Amazon related to the interests they're most passionate about. Since I had no idea Amazon gives out a badge like this, I feel relatively honored that Amazon had chosen to give me it.  The badge is now part of my Amazon profile. While True Crime novels is one of my favorite genres to read/review, the ones I love to do even more are most of the romance genres followed by children’s book.

In addition to not reading/reviewing any books, I’ve also fallen behind in posting several types of entries I should be posting on a regular on-going basis. Once the Fourth of July holiday is over, and I handle certain personal issues should as medical, I’ll be starting my second round of reviewing all the edits I’ve received for the book I’ve mentioned above. Once this is completed, and I’ve revised the copyright, title, acknowledgement/dedication pages I’ll be able to start the interior formatting process with CreateSpace. And after receiving/reviewing the proof copies for the book, I’ll be able to do a KINDLE conversion, etc.  I anticipate that when everything has been said and done, I’ll be releasing the revised, improved edition of my debut romance novel in about three weeks.

Sunday, July 2, 2017


I know it’s been a while that I’ve last posted one of these. So, here’s this week’s prompt from the Haiku Horizon site which is “MIRROR” and here are my three Haiku response endeavors:  

Mirror on the wall.

Show me as others see me

No way is this me

Using two mirrors

I didn’t know I’m so fat

Must lose my behind

Staring in mirror

The eyes are your soul’s windows

Look deeply into self

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Having received the file containing the new edits for “I Kissed a Ghost,” this past week, I’ve been quite busy slowly making all the suggested changes. I’ve already completed the grammar, punctuation, etc. corrections; and have begun the line editing suggestions made by the editor who had worked on my book. In this sort of editing, the editor concentrates on telling authors where they need to consider making chances to enhance and improve the consistency of what they’re saying, enhance what they’re saying and how they’re saying it, as well as the flow of ideas within the storyline. This I quickly began to realize is something which can’t be rushed through as you need to think whether you want to consider the suggestions being made; and then, how you’re going to go about making it. Given the rate I’ve got through the chapters I’ve already done, I envision my being to finish this re-editing process by the end of the month. I just hope I won’t have any other priorities get in the way, like they’ve already done.  BTW – as of the writing of this entry, I’m about 20% finished.

My completing the GoodReads reading challenge has fallen behind so much, and with my wanting to complete all my writing endeavors by the end of the year, I’ve decided to reduce my goal from 200 books read/reviewed to 150.  I extremely doubt I’ll be moving these endeavors into the next step of self-publishing, that of being edited, due to the lack of funds, especially since I’ve already gone into a little debt with this editing. If anyone is interested in helping me raise the funds I need, and if you’ve got KINDLE Unlimited, just download my book of 100 Flash Fictions, “Micro Fiction – An Anthology,” and go through the book. If you can leave a review, it would also be greatly appreciated as well.

Saturday, June 10, 2017


NEXT = 106

Due to my involvement with several endeavors, I haven’t really read/reviewed any books for the past 6 - 8 weeks. In addition, during the past month [May 8th – June 7th] I only read eight books, which coincided with Amazon not making any changes to its Reviewer Ranking. So, now I’ve got 534 books reviewed on Amazon with an Amazon Reviewer Ranking of 2,258. When I check GoodReads for this year’s reading challenge, I’ve only read/reviewed 70 books out of my goal of 200 books for 2017; which according to GoodReads makes me 17 books behind schedule. This will now cause me to concentrate most of my efforts in the reading/reviewing of books.

What I did during most of this time had come to get the funds I need to have my debut romance novel, a MG/YA paranormal novel, “I Kissed a Ghost,” totally re-edited. Although I didn’t have all the necessary funds in place, I’m having it done anyway; which is why I’ve removed this book from being available on Amazon in all of its formats.

After taking a few days simply to rest, I’m back; and one of first things I’m doing is getting the word out that I’ll be donating a portion of the royalties I received for my second book, “Micro Fiction – An Anthology” for June 2017 to a local animal where my dear OH and I had adopted a cat to replace the second of our two previous cats; this one had died at the age of 20 [and had been diabetic for over 7 years.]

If anyone is interested in supporting me in this endeavor, here’s the link for the book. The book is available as a paperback, KINDLE, and KINDLE Unlimited [and I received royalties for each of these formats]. I would appreciate any support you can give.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to get back to completing my manuscript of my adult Contemporary romance, “His Darkest Secret,” which is about 85% completed. I’m in no real rush as I would need to get the financing for the editing, etc to get it self-published. Once this manuscript is completed, it’s on to my MG/YA Urban Fantasy entitled “The Secret of the Well,” which is a stand-alone sequel to “I Kissed a Ghost.”

None of this includes any of the endeavors, my erotic self, is working on. In the end, I can only pray for an upsurge in the sales of my books, or win several lottery drawings where I don’t have to pay any taxes.

Regardless, I love writing romance and interacting with my followers, since this gives me, as a Senior Citizen [66], something to do each day besides watching cable most of the day with my dear OH with whom I’ve been married for 23 years [no children = :-( ]

Here’s hoping you’re having a GREAT WEEKEND with your families.


Robin Leigh Morgan

Sunday, June 4, 2017


If you have a blog, and you should. I’ve got “sister” blog sites, namely and, where I post the same entry each time I post something; the reason being some readers prefer one over the other.

When you decide to post something, try to stick to the same set of topics; usually topics which readers of your genre [target audience] might find interesting. Which is something you need to do on a regular on-going basis, something which I’ve been negligent in doing myself; and the topics you chose to post should be able to connect to your potential readers and attract/hold their interest.

Friday, June 2, 2017


As I promised, I’m beginning to post the type of entries I used to. This week's prompt for the Haiku Horizons site is "SUBMIT" [] and here are my three Haiku response endeavors:

April 15 here

Time to pay all our taxes

No pay, go to jail

Finally, a job

Must submit self to all rules

Or get fired again

I enter contests

I submit the needed forms

But I never win

Monday, May 29, 2017


The following is a Five Sentence Fiction I wrote back in November 2013 for Veterans Day in response to the prompt of “LETTERS” given to followers of a now defunct website “Five Sentence Fiction”


LEslie sat in the den of her home crying.

The tears which came flowing over her cheeks weren’t ones of sadness, they were ones of the bittersweet remembrances she got as she read the LETTERS which her then future husband had sent her during his first assignment in the Middle East.

TEresa, Leslie’s daughter, sat by her mother’s side trying to console her, but to no avail.

Reluctantly Teresa started to read the LETTERS herself to see the reason for her mother’s dismay.

Sadness became infectious because these LETTERS allowed her to get to know the father she never knew, as she fell victim to the words in the LETTERS as well.

Your comments would be appreciated.

The above Flash Fiction is one of the 100 Flash Fictions contained in my book “Micro Fiction – An Anthology.” No link is being given as this is being given as an informational purpose.

Friday, May 26, 2017


AT LONG LAST my new computer is FINALLY up and running like a charm. I just added my last missing program the Adobe Reader late last night [Thursday, May 25th].

My KINDLE for PC reader APP how has its library totally restored and I can get back to my reading/reviewing of book; and according to GoodReads reading challenge I’m now 11 books behind schedule to meet my goal of 200 books by the end of year. Which means I’m going to have to put my reading speed into high gear.

Not having worked on neither of my two current WIPs means a quick re-read so I can get up to speed. I’m going to first work on my adult Contemporary romance. “His Darkest Secret” which if everything goes well, and provided I’ve raised enough funds, I’d love to start the self-published by the end of August of this year.

With the above off my mind for the time being, I can begin to return to a routine of posting entries for the categories I’ve done in the past.

And lastly I really need to coordinate everything I’ve got to do with my steamier, erotic side, my “daughter”, Kathryn Heart as she has different things on her plate as well.  

Thursday, May 18, 2017


The last two weeks has been one heck of a time.

The mouse and keyboard for my computer kept on dying and then came back to live as I was trying to do stuff.  It got so bad I went and bought a new computer. And with my luck I’ve got issues trying to use it. The major problem now is both EXCEL an WORD the writing is white on black; WORD isn’t that bad as it appears to be easier on the eyes, but with EXCEL I’ve lost the colors I’ve been using as I add data. I don’t know what’s going to happen when I copy and post this entry on my blog. The issue is if I’m ready to self-publish my next endeavor, I don’t know whether the file I would be sending will look the same when the recipient receives it or whether it would the normal black on white. Hoping all this will be resolved when I contact DELL this evening.

With my “daughter’s” release of “her” first erotic endeavor,”Haiku Becomes Erotic,” I had to spend time with its promotion which included a dismal RaffleCopter with no real responses. Between the “two of us” there’s several WIPs being work on: My major one is an adult Contemporary romance entitled “His Darkest Secret”; and her first shape-shifting, BDSM novella entitled “The Transformation.” Our other WIPs include; my MG/YA Urban Fantasy entitled “The Secret of the Well”; and “her” second volume of 250 erotic haikus,
“she” also as a second erotic novella in mind which a sketch of storyline plot points that want to be reached.

The THUNDERCLAP I was attempting - - - FAILED. I need to think of my next promotional attempt I should use to help raise the funds necessary to get my adult contemporary edited and then to get it self-published which includes paying for a cover to be designed.

The best way, if anyone is in helping me raise the funds I need is to download my books as a KINDLE Unlimited and go through the entire book, this way I get can funds and it doesn’t cost anyone any money, which is the last thing I want to.

Here’s the link for my two books:

One of the things I haven't done is any reading/reviewing of a single book since May 7th, and late last night, May 17, 2017 I finally began reading a new book. Hopefully I'll be able to get my reading/reviewing of books back into my daily schedule of things to do. I can't tell you how grateful my dear supportive OH leaves me alone so I can do all my stuff. 

Have a BLESSED DAY today and weekend with your families. 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017


I can’t believe I haven’t read/reviewed a single book since around April 18th, but then I shouldn’t be surprised as my steamier, erotic side has been kept under wraps for such a long, long time.

My new round of marketing has begun with my attempting to once again do a THUNDERCLAP for my debut romance novel, a MG/YA Paranormal romance novel, entitled “I Kissed a Ghost.”  I’ve only gotten 25 supporters and need 75 more with only 13 days left to go. It’s quite depressing not being able to round up 100 supporters. So I would really appreciate your generous support in my meeting my goal 

My next item of my marketing agenda is participating in the release party my steamier, erotic side is having for her anthology of 250 Erotic Haikus, where I’m planning to give away about two [2] KINDLE Editions of each of my two books.

The latest re-read and self-editing for my adult Contemporary “His Darkest Secret” is now about 10% completed with several necessitated changes having been made. My MG/YA Urban Fantasy, “The Secret of the Well” I’m putting on the back burner for the time being as I’ve got too many endeavors on my plate I’m currently working on.

I’m finding it somewhat of a daily challenge deciding which of my two writing sides should I work on next, but I believe everything will work out in the end and will also allow my non-romance writing side to have some time for myself as well. So guys, do any of you have a similar kind of dilemma thath you’ve  got to deal with; if you do I’d like to know.

Sunday, April 30, 2017



I really appreciate you being here.  I don’t believe I’ve ever really come out to ask for your support something I’m doing. 

If you’ve been following my blog then you’ll know I’ve finally decided to allow my steamier, erotic side come out of hiding and have a separate life and existence. My steamier side is about to release an anthology of Erotic Haiku, and is over 80% finished a debut erotic novella.

And as for myself, with the knowledge I’ve gain in writing the erotic novella, I’ve begun another round of editing my adult contemporary romance which currently has 239 pages, about 61,250 words and is 85% completed.   

I need to begin to raise funds to help me pay for the completion of these endeavors,  and I don’t want anyone to feel they should buy a copy of one of my two books to help me.  But I would love to have your generous support for my THUNDERCLAP campaign. I’m trying to reach a potential new audience regarding my debut romance novel, a sweet MG/YA Paranormal entitled “I Kissed a Ghost.”
Here’s the link to my THUNDERCLAP   

I want to THANK YOU for your kind support in advance and have a GREAT WEEK with whatever you’re doing !!!  :-) :-) :-)

Thursday, April 27, 2017



Since I’m participating in the Rave Reviews Block Party today Friday, April 28, 2017, let me get a formality out of the way. I will have four winners today, and the prizes are:

2 – KINDLE Editions of “I Kissed a Ghost”
2 – KINDLE Editions of “Micro Fiction – An Anthology

NOTE: You’ll need to leave a comment to be eligible.  

While I hope you lucky to win, if you don't I hope you’ll consider get a copy of either of my two books, so I can fund some of my two writing endeavors “His Darkest Secret” [an adult Contemporary Romance] and “The Secret of the Well” [a MG/YA Urban Fantasy].

And if you’re interested in knowing who I am you're invited to go to:

While you're here, I would love to have your support for my THUNDERCLAP campaign regarding the first romance novel I wrote:

As you can probably tell the group that is holding this event is quite supportive and if you’re interested in possibly joining it, you can check it out at, remember to mention my name if you do decide to join:

Hoping to see many of you there.

Sunday, April 23, 2017


Well to start with I’m very happy to say that my steamier, erotic side, “my daughter” Kathryn Heart, has ordered PROOF copies of her first erotic endeavors “Haiku Becomes Erotic.” And if all goes well, a KINDLE conversion will be order and the book will be released shortly thereafter.

So, if anyone is interested in following the writing endeavors of my other half, Kathryn Heart, you’re welcomed to do so at:

With above I can once again return to my own writing endeavors as well as my reading/reviewing of books, which I’ve fallen behind in. I can also concentrate on doing a more timing and regular posting of on-going entries for the several series of posts I’ve been doing.

Having concentrated on the writing endeavors of Kathryn for as long as I have, I’m decided to start a new re-read and self-editing of my adult Contemporary romance novel, “His Darkest Secret.” I believe I’ll be looking at what I’ve written through a “new set of eyes.”

Lastly I’m about to start of new round of heavy duty marketing for each of my two books, as I need to raise funds to self-publish everything Kathryn and myself would like to publish.

Here’s the links to both of my books, which are available as a Paperback, KINDLE, and can be read for free as a KINDLE Unlimited download.

Thursday, April 20, 2017


This week’s prompt from the Haiku Horizon site is “DROP” and here are my three Haiku response endeavors:  


Jill dropped her school books
Jack picked them up, gave back, smiled
Puppy love begins


Betsy was overweight
She dropped over hundred pounds
Boys think she’s gorgeous


Steep drop in Dow Jones
Wall street investors nervous
Will it go back up?

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Reading the stories in this anthology, I couldn’t help but remember growing up when I was 13 years old that one of the songs I always heard being played on the radio in 1964 had been “Chapel of Love” being sung by The Dixie Cups. If you’re not familiar with the words because you’re too young, here are the lyrics.


Goin' to the chapel and we're gonna get ma-a-arried

Goin' to the chapel and we're gonna get ma-a-arried

Gee, I really love you

And we're gonna get ma-a-arried

Goin' to the chapel of love


Spring is here, th-e-e sky is blue, whoa-oh-oh

Birds all sing as if they knew

Today's the day we'll say "i do"

And we'll never be lonely anymore because we're


Because goin' to the chapel and we're gonna get ma-a-arried

Goin' to the chapel and we're gonna get ma-a-arried

Gee, I really love you

And we're gonna get ma-a-arried

Goin' to the chapel of love


Bells will ring, the-e-e sun will shine, whoa-oh-oh

I'll be his and he'll be mine

We'll love until the end of time

And we'll never be lonely anymore because we're


Because goin' to the chapel and we're gonna get ma-a-arried

Goin' to the chapel and we're gonna get ma-a-arried

Gee, I really love you

And we're gonna get ma-a-arried

Goin' to the chapel of love yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Goin' to the chapel of love yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Goin' to

As you read the stories in this collection written by 20 best-selling authors, just allow yourself to fantasize you’re in the shoes of the female protagonists in each of these stories walking down the aisle to marry your guy of your dreams. As you do; this song should remind you of why you’re there and the HEA that waits afterwards.

To add to your reading enjoyment you’ve got deliciously sexy guys wish you could call your own, in a variety of cozy romances, thrilling international and holiday adventures, and sweet heart-melting stories. You’ve got your women who are looking for their second chance at a romance to brides who are seeking to get revenge on a previous failed romance.

With a wide variety such as this you’ll should definitely find at least a few stories to satisfy your taste; and at 99 cents for 20 great stories how can anyone go wrong, which is why I’m giving this collection and their authors 5 STARS.